November 9th, 2006


Voices of Tomorrow

Last night I posted the 50th Episode of Voices of Tomorrow, The Purifying Flames of Burning Love. Fifty episodes since January 2006. Holy crap. That's a lot of audio recording.

After a listener e-mailed me asking me about how to give a donation, I set up a donate button on the site. I felt odd about it. Although I really appreciated the help in putting the podcast out (five bucks pays for a month of hosting) I wanted to give people something extra for their money – so I started putting out extra stories dedicated to the listener when they donate. Apparently this is a motivating factor for some people, because now I have a bunch of midweek stories to record.

Fortunately, Jared and Brendan have stepped up to the plate on this one, because both of them are helping me record stories. The Voice of Free PlanetX has a bunch of stories this week due to its birthday celebration, so that is giving me plenty of awesome recordings, and Brendan has been recording some great stuff. He just finished recording a J. Loseth story, Seizure, which sounds amazing. I think it’s kind of extraordinary that the three of us, who are all obsessed with sounds, ended up living together. Seriously, all three of us are obsessed with sounds, not just music, which we love, but SOUNDS. I feel very fortunate to live with these gentlemen, who do such amazing work.

I was a little upset about my podcast a few weeks back. I felt like all I was getting was negative comments and reviews. I know that people on the internet prefer to talk about what they hate rather than what they love and that people may love something and stay quiet about it, but it was still upsetting.

Now, just a few weeks later, I feel like the whole thing is turned around. Voices of Tomorrow is a featured podcast on iTunes in the literature section, which is amazing, considering the quality podcasts out there. It’s been very inspirational.

Here is some stuff people have said:

Herein lies an amazing, eclectic collection of thought provoking shorts. The stories are well read by folks who have an obvious passion for the work.

There is no better podcasts than this for just a touch of odd or weirdness in your day.

Voices of Tomorrow is one of my fav Flash fic podcasts. Keep up the good work.

I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to put out quality material on a regular basis and this is actually my favorite podcast out of all the podcasts in the literature section.

All this inspired me to get my ass in gear and put up a podcast promo for Voices of Tomorrow that other podcasts can play if they want to promote it.

I feel like every time I get invited to a convention to talk about podcasting (Balticon, Ubercon) Voices of Tomorrow gets a lot better, due to the great input of my fellow podcasters, like Mur, Jason, Rich and Steve. I would have never met some of these awesome people if it were not for podcasting.

We are getting over a thousand one hundred downloads an episode, which is awesome, because I feel like I’m reaching an audience that may not be reading 365 Tomorrows, but that may still enjoy the stories there. So thanks to the fiction of the authors on 365 Tomorrows, and thanks to other podcasters and my roommates, it looks like Voices of Tomorrow is a success.

The only question is, at 2007 approaches, should I do it for another year?
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