November 3rd, 2006


New Assisgnment!


I have a new assignment! I’ve been asked to create the cover for an anthology of women writers! This is very exciting for me. I got to talk to the editor last night and she is very cool and both of us are excited about the project. I’m not sure I can talk about the details yet, but when I can, you better believe I’ll be writing about it. Apparently she saw my work on Voices, New Media Fiction, and decided to get in contact with me. Thank you, podmother, for giving her my e-mail. You rock.

Right now the editor is looking at my photos and deciding if she wants to use any of my current stock for the cover. If she wants me to shoot something new, then I will need a model to pose for me, probably sometime before the end of the month. I need a female model that feels confident with her body and will be willing to pose nude. The cover will not be lewd, but it looks like the editor wants a female silhouette, so I need someone that’s comfortable having her naughty bits out and covered by artful shadow, rather than cotton.

If that’s you, please get in contact with me.

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