October 31st, 2006

The Black



I’ve decided to take my photography seriously. I am putting away a hundred dollars a week to save up the money I’ll need to get a proper camera (which means I should be buying my camera right around Christmas), and I’m going to start submitting my work to magazines and offering my services as a photographer to whoever needs one, models who want to build up their portfolio, families that want baby pictures, whatever.

In that vein, if you want to vote for the picture above to be included in JPG Magazine (I get a hundred dollars towards my new camera if it gets published) you can click here:


I’m in the process of investigating some printing options, I think I found one that will work well for sending prints to people, and I have a good method of payment ready to go. I could sell the photos off my livejournal, but somehow that seems a little unprofessional, though maybe I’m just being a snob about it.

I want to take practical steps here to push myself and to give myself the tools I need to go to the next level. After this semester I’ll have only one class to complete before I graduate. This means I’ll have a lot more time on my hands, time I plan to devote to pushing myself further with my writing and photography. I want to get experimental, I want to get wild. I want to cover Jennifer in blood, I want pictures of Holly chopping up a demon with an ax, I want to meet with Natalie and attach broken wings to her back, I want to take pictures of dreams, of a stigmatic cop and his vampire partner, I want to meet with Dan and fool the world again, I want to write longer pieces, I want to devote time to planning out complex shoots with many people.

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