October 3rd, 2006


Towne Hall

Towne Hall

This is Towne Hall, where I have my screenwriting class on Tuesdays. The first time I went to Towne hall, they gave me a flu shot which gave me a twenty four hour flu. On the up side, I did not have the flu last winter, so it might have been effective. That or the government is putting mutagens into my bloodstream. You never can tell.

Towne Hall is an odd building; the walls have waist high marble, exposed pipes, yellow stairs going nowhere, the classrooms are scrawled with symbols only engineers understand, even the bathrooms seem twisted, every stall a different size, curled in a shape to fit the twisted piping. Turn a corner and you’re looking out on an enclosed rooftop, turn another corner and you are in a Hall of Glass. During the day, people buzz around the building, but at night, it’s quiet except for its own guttural noises, the humming of unseen bowels, exposed pipes clanking.

I’d really like to bring a model here and take some pictures.

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