September 13th, 2006


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From the Quill Website: The Quill Awards pair a populist sensibility with Hollywood-style glitz and have become the first literary prizes to reflect the tastes of the group that matters most in publishing-readers.
The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is my first (though not my last) publishing credit. I wrote “Evidence of a Baker”, an essay which contains science/history jokes and references to chocolate cake and pirates. If it won, it would be a little feather in my cap, which is, as of now, featherless.
If you like me and want to vote for the book (which is up against some stiff competition) please go here: QUILL VOTE
If you don’t like me but you read my journal anyway even though I’m not on your friends list (but you want to know what I’m doing and you have to keep up with that, keep up because maybe someday you’ll check here and I’ll have gotten fat, really fat, and I’ll be sorry that I didn’t remember your birthday or maybe I’ll be suicidal and then you’ll know that I’ve been lying about my life and really it’s never been the same since you left and I’ve been sad all this time and getting bad grades and acne and having liposuction and STDs and running up credit card debt and crying every night) then please don’t vote. Get drunk instead.
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