May 19th, 2006


Middles Are The Hardest Part

Sepia, originally uploaded by jrblackwell.

I'm sorry I drank the last diet root beer.

I'm sorry I made your girlfriend question her sexuality.

I'm sorry I showed you that picture.

I'm sorry I didn't kiss you harder.

I'm sorry that I made fun of your face. I'm sorry that it's still funny.

I'm sorry I let the clowns into our house. (Especially the fat one.)

I'm sorry, but I don't recycle.

I'm sorry I ruined that movie for you. Ruined your movie "experience".

I'm sorry for punching you in the throat, maybe if you had hadn't put
that wax on my breasts I wouldn't have been so angry.

I'm sorry I never answered your sorry e-mail. Bitch.

I'm sorry about dinner. You did tell me you were allergic. (I thought
you were lying!)

I'm sorry about all those cats.

I'm sorry about your face. I didn't know you would go cut yourself. In
the woods.

I'm sorry I snuck into your house while you were away and took all
those photographs of that girl on your bed.

I'm sorry for showing you the "special" way I floss.

I'm sorry about all those nights I spent with him, planning out ways
to kill you. It was a joke. I didn't know he was a sociopath.

I'm sorry about what happened in Venice.

I'm sorry for losing my necklace up north. You were so mad.

I'm sorry you're not here. Don't worry about your mother, she's doing fine.

I'm sorry about your sister.

I'm sorry you were born insane.

I'm sorry, but I really don't care.
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