March 15th, 2006


Canadians Don’t Read

What I Learned Today:
Today I was shocked to learn that Canadians Don’t Read. This new information goes contrary to everything I’ve ever known about Canadians. Every Canadian I’ve ever interacted with has been literate, and yet, the convention organizer for FanExpo in Canada tells me that the fans that attend the convention don’t read.

That’s what he said. To quote: “Our fans are basically all media SF fans, Star Trek and Star Wars types. Not a literary crowd at all, bottom line, they don't read.”

They don’t read.

How This All Came About:
I’ve been contacting conventions to see if anyone is interested in inviting the 365 Tomorrows crew to speak. We were invited to PhilCon and the DragonCon lit track seems interested in hosting us. FanExpo was a long shot anyway, and I wouldn't have applied to FanExpo except Steve (one of the apparently rare literate Canadians) asked if we would apply to go. You can see where our apparently non-literate fans live here: (Add yourself, if you haven't already.)

It wasn’t as if the organizer said “See here, we just do movies and tv.” That’s cool. We don’t fit there. We won't fit into every convention. It’s another thing to imply that the fans don’t read. SciFi fans are some of the biggest readers in the English language. They support the only short story market that pays authors for written material. They buy and read and read and read. They repeatedly vault authors onto the New York Times Bestsellers list. They get new material and consume it like they were starving for words.

So if you are a Canadian, and you are thinking of attending FanExpo this year, you should know that the convention organizers consider you to be totally illiterate.

Have a great day.