January 27th, 2006




Calories Consumed: 212
Shoes:Kitten heels
Scent: Sandalwood

I’m honestly considering switching shampoos. I’ve been using Fructis for a while, because I really like the scent, but I’m thinking that I should probably switch because I think that Fructis dries out my hair, and dry hair is THE WORST on blonds because it always makes the color look fake, which is even worse if you are a natural blond, like me.

The 500 calorie diet is going well, I was dizzy for the first few days, but now I’m hardly hungry at all! YAY! This reminds me, does anyone here think that diet soda really has calories? I mean, I know that they say it doesn’t but maybe it has some, but not enough to count, you know? Anyway, I think I’m going to limit my diet soda intake to one or less a day, because I don’t want to take any chances. When I do drink it, I’m going to count it as ten calories. That way, if it really doesn’t have any calories, I’ll be coming in under my 500 calorie limit and it will be like I’m even getting further ahead in my diet!

I know that sandalwood seems like an odd scent for me, since I usually like something flowerily, but it’s really cold outside now and I’m thinking that flowers might be the wrong scent for winter. What do you think guys? Can you wear a winter flower scent?

These days it feels like my boyfriend is just totally ignoring me! All he wants to do is watch sports. This weekend I’m thinking of dragging him to the ballet, which he hates, but if I have to sit through his games, he has to sit through my shows. I think that’s fair.

Kristi, do you want to go out shopping this weekend? I think I’d like to get a new handbag, I’ve had this one for months and it’s just about time for it to go.

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