January 13th, 2006


Now Taking Orders

Tell me about your book. Tell me about the book that you have always meant to write, the book that you will never write, the imaginary book that you think about now and then. Tell me about your autobiography, the political expose, the instructional handbook. Tell me about the epic. Tell me about the tiny idea.

Tell me, and I will make you the book cover.

I was thinking about Sandman yesterday, and the Library of the Dream King; which contains every book ever written, and every book never written. This means that your idea for a vampire romance novel, fan-fic, and autobiography all are in this library. Since I’ve read this idea, I’ve liked it. Then along comes Ryan with his pop-up book cover and Jared with his blooker book and all of a sudden I know what I want to do. I need practice working with Photoshop, and I love doing projects that other people might get a kick out of. I have a large stash of photographs and I’m always looking for ideas and excuses to take more.

So, tell me the book that will never be. That can’t be. That you won’t write but that still exists in your head.

Tell me, and I’ll make the cover.

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