January 5th, 2006


Voices of Tomorrow

Voices of Tomorrow is Live

Voices of Tomorrow is the 365 Tomorrows Podcast, and it will give one new audio recording each week for one year. That’s fifty two shows.

There won’t be any chatter on these shows; no going on about my life and the weather and what I did this week. There are other podcasts out there that are made for that kind of thing and do it better besides. This will be just fiction for 52 weeks.

If there is enough demand, there may be some author interviews, and there may be some translated tomorrows: I’ve got readers lined up in Spanish and Russian, but those will be labeled clearly as separate from the 52 Tomorrows. If you are a purist, like I am, and you just want the fiction, you’ll have it.

I’ve already recorded about thirty of those shows, and over half of those recordings are not in my voice.

This first one, however, is read by me. It’s called “Keeping Safe” and it was first published on August 2nd on 365 Tomorrows. It’s written by Kathy, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces she’s written for the site.

The Podcast is free, and you can download it directly here: http://voicesoftomorrow.libsyn.com/

I’ve already gotten several downloads from iTunes too, so I imagine you can get it there as well.

This is yet another big project I have sunk my teeth into. I should watch out, or I'll start to get a reputation for doing giant projects.

Download. Listen. Tell me what you think.