February 16th, 2005


The Song of Diva Fenris

Daddys Favorate Little Girl
Leather and Lace and a Slick Tight Space,
Demon Scented, Fire Bongs
Mommas ‘locked up’ attic song
Daddys little Favorate Girl.

Nip and Nit and a Diamond Tit,
Daddys Diva, Favorate Girl.

Cranberry Red, a Tart in the Head,
Heartfelt Fuck and a Breathless Suck,
Daddy Favorate Demon Girl!

The Scent of Rose,
Strawberry Toes,
Catholic Ties,
Honey Thighs,
Breakfast Looks,
Metal Hooks,

Daddys Favorate, Diva, Demon, Little Girl.

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