September 28th, 2004


The Worst thing you Ever Did.

Janie sighed and wiped her hands on her cargo pants.
“The Juggle-Buggles. Excellent technology, integrated into one of our better-selling educational toys.”
“What do they do?” Brute watched Jaines boots wiggle under the van. Her voice had a metallic echo against the engine.
“Steal credit information. You get a Juggle-Buggle near a credit chip and it scans and stores the information, so the next time the thing passes through a hot zone, the info gets transmitted back to the Meejuggle network.” Brute scratched the wrinkled skin between his horns.
“I thought that credit chips had protection against that kind of thing.” Janie smiled.
“Yet again, Brute, you underestimate my genius.”
“So Meejuggle steals money from personal credit accounts?”
“No. Worse. They want the credit information to access accounts to cover transactions.”
“I don’t get it.” Janie slid out from under the armored car and sat up, leaning against the engine grate.
“Say you make a lot of money, but you don’t want anyone to know about it. Large sums of money don’t go unnoticed by your competitors, who then become very interested in what you’ve got.”
“Unless you split it up.” Janie shook an electric wrench at Brute and smiled.
“God damn, I really did re-grow your brain. Yeah, if you divide the money up between thousands of accounts and spit it out to your people from there, it doesn’t even register.” Brute sat on the floor, his metal parts scraping against the cement.
“What if people check their accounts between the time the money gets submitted and the time Meejuggle wants it?”
“You’re not thinking fast enough Brute, this all happens in seconds, between blinks, there and gone; it would look like a glitch.”
“Um, what did the Juggle-Buggles look like?”
“Oh, God, terrible.”
“I thought you made them!”
“Just the tech end, the faces were the product of the design department, awful stuff actually. They have these grotesque plastic faces with felt eyes and a creepy light at the crotch. I surprised doctors haven’t named a syndrome after them.” Brute reached into his vest.
“This isn’t one of them, is it?”
Jainie screamed.

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