September 21st, 2004


First Draft: Desire

Ivy ran around Solidads gardens like a child, sticking her arms through bushes and making patterns in the dirt with her feet. Aurora was annoyed; admittedly, when she first saw the garden she wanted to touch every part of it, but she had kept her peace, had known decorum. Aurora muttered a curse. Ivy was like a child, an obnoxious stream of prattle and movement, a disturbance, and a nuisance. Ivy splashed the water in the fountain, sending pale pink lilies twirling.
“Ivy!” Aurora snapped. “You’re embarrassing me.” Ivy pouted and sat down on the ledge of the stone fountain.
“There isn’t anyone here, and besides, this garden is amazing!”
“Ambassador Solidad is an influential man. I know that you aren’t used to applying your manners, but in this case I need you to try. You make a bad impression and we could be ruined.”
“Fine. I’ll be good.”
“You had better.” Aurora turned towards the mansion to see Solidad standing in a shadowed archway. He looked up at the sunny sky and walked out towards them. Aurora clasped her hands in front of her and bowed. Ivy gasped.
“Isn’t he a vampire? How can he walk in the sun?”
“Ivy, shut up.” Hissed Aurora.
Solidad squinted up at the sky. Aurora bowed.
“Ambassador, this is the child of my house, my young sister Ivy.” Ivy stood and gave a deep curtsy, nearly tripping.
“She has the Singers Tongue?”
“Yes. Ivy, please show the Ambassador your ability.” Ivy leaned over the fountain and brushed the air with her voice. The lilies curled open, new, fresh and sensitive. Ivy looked up and smiled at Solidad.
Solidad stared openly, his jaw slack. Aurora bowed.
“She can do more, and her abilities could become quite expansive if she were properly trained.” Solidad waved his slender hand dismissively and moved toward Ivy, placing his hands on her tiny waist.

“Don’t be frightened.” He said, leaning down to her hair and inhaling deeply, his eyes fluttering closed. Aurora clutched her hands together, confused.
Solidads eyes flew open and he caught Auroras arm.
“Walk with me.” Aurora hurried to keep up with his long strides. He stopped when Ivy was a small figure in the distance, like a little doll. “I want her.” Solidad said, his breathing hard.
“What!” Aurora felt her knees shake.
“Aurora, I want to make Ivy my wife. Release her to me. I will take very good care of her.” Aurora wrenched her arm away from Solidad.
“Ambassador, no! She’s a child.”
“She is of age. Do the ceremony. Make her an adult.”
“No!” Aurora felt her stomach turn. “You told me that you don’t want a woman wife.”
“I never did till now.”
“Above Erigo?”

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