September 15th, 2004


Brute: Revisited, Revised

For years I believed that I was Japanese. It wasn’t unreasonable for me to think this, after all, I speak fluent Japanese and the few memories of my childhood I have involve batting at a hanging wall scroll, lining my shoes against the wall and running my hands along a woven straw mat, enjoying the texture under my fingers. I have downloaded and saved these memories in three different places, just in case.

It turns out that I’m actually Brazilian, but my mother was obsessed with Japanese culture. When she died I was put in a government run orphanage and after two months I was kidnapped with sixteen other children. I don’t know for sure but I imagine my kidnappers, or whomever they sold me to, were the people who lobotomized me and fitted me with these expensive and singular parts. I learned all this through a series of DNA tests on my remaining cells and several robberies. All of this took years. Piecing together who I was, since my face and body are too mangled to display any trace of my origin, has become something of a hobby for me, a test of my new intellectual skills.

I never would have made it this far with out Janie.

For a long time I thought that people shorter than me were children, since this was most people, I believed the world was populated with children. I thought I was a child too, and don’t try to get me to explain that, because I can’t. Janie only came up to my belt so in my simpler mind, she was a child. When I met her she was being chased by some armed men in suits, her previous employers who were a rather vicious toy company. At the time, this scene appeared to me like a video game; a small child harassed by pixilated adversaries. I shot the suits and picked up Janie. She screamed a whole bunch, so I gave her some of my stuffed animals. I had a lot of those, back then.

Apparently the contrast between a walking tank and a fluffed raccoon was hilarious, and she began to laugh. I let her climb all over me, examining my attachments and my innards. I didn’t know a lot of English at that time, but she went slowly and I liked children. Later she told me that when I first picked her up she thought I was going to rape her to death. Imagine her surprise when she found out that I wasn’t equipped to do so.

Janie re-grew and rebuilt my brain using a combination of cellular reconstruction and mechanical extensions. She built me smart again. Now we work together on jobs and we’re a great team.

Apparently, it had been in someone’s advantage to have someone big and dumb around. When I find who that is, I am going to kill them.

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