July 30th, 2004



Aurora ran the dust pen over the tiny creases in the polished furtinure. The red light reflected on her face as she watched the particles being sucked into the beam. The Solidad estate was her favorate place to work because it was quiet, elegant, and the owner was seldom home. She had only seen Solidad once, and the experience unnerved her. She still dreamed of his vibrant purple eyes.

It took an entire day for the cleaning crew to lift the dust from the detailed antique furniture. Inside the study, the desk, wardrobe, windowsill and bookshelf had tiny particles of dust, settled from her last cleaning. Aurora ran her fingers along the textured spines of the ancient books on the shelf. Their earthy smell reminded her of her of those childhood days spent with her face pressed inside old paper pages, ink sticking to her cheek, leaving an imprint of fairy tale words until her mother scrubbed her face pink.

The double doors burst open, Solidad strode in, purple eyes blazing.

“Erigo, it can’t possibly be that hard to find a translator.” He tossed his gloves and hat onto the top of the wardrobe with inhuman accuracy. The shorter, dark haired man following behind him held a silver pad under his arm and hurried to close the door behind them.

“Master, it is difficult to find a cooperative person who speaks both languages fluently.”

Aurora curled her hands, her fingers guilty for their sensual exploration. She turned on the duster and turned away, trying to calm her heart. Solidad slipped off his coat revealing a red silk vest embroidered in gold with his families crest.

“Find one Erigo, it’s your job. I can’t negotiate with the Singers if I don’t have a translator.” Solidad pointed at his assistant “Find me one, and find him today.” Auroras heart was in her throat as she turned to face Solidad. She bowed and he waved his hand dismissively.

“Yes, you can leave us now.” Aurora swallowed, trying to force her heart to stop racing.

“Excusing me Sir, but I can speak the language of the Singers.” Erigo strode towards her, his face red, his hand lifted to strike.

“How dare you speak to Master Solidad, you insolent slut!” His hand came down and she closed her eyes, flinching. The slap never landed.

“Young maid, you speak the Singer tongue?” Solidads baritone was soft. She slowly opened on eye, and then the other. Solidad was holding Erigos wrist and looking at her calmly. His purple eyes swirled.

“Yes.” She said dreamily. Solidad unbuttoned her collar and reached to grab the silver chain around her neck. Aurora felt a sincere sense of calm and she considered the vague possibility that she may be under some sort of spell. He turned the empty chain over in his hand.

“You have no protector.”

“No protector.” She repeated

Solidad shrugged and looked at Erigo, a smirk on his face.

“Good. I don’t like asking permission.” He turned, and Aurora felt as if the room was swimming. She leaned against the bookshelf, bowing her forehead to her hand.