July 29th, 2004



The Singers of Light protected the homeland for over a hundred years with their spellbinding voices. While monsters and demons ate mankind and constructed bent cities with their twisted technology the Singers of Light raised a shield of song over their island home.

Kyley and Debic had always been singers, for as long as their memory stretched. The strength of their will served to keep the barrier erected between their world and the decaying hell outside. Kyley could just barely hear Debics sweet tenor from the cliff where she stood; watching sparks crash against the golden shield of her song. Sometimes she saw stalking ships slide through the water beyond a layer of thick smoke, like ghosts floating in dust. In the distance, as far as her voice would carry, she could see silver figures chiseling at the golden song, metal skeletons with rapidly moving wings tearing at the barrier of light. Over a hundred years, and still, their Eden held.

When she and Debic were resting their voices, he would make her hot tea and they would drink together, smiling shyly. In those short hours they made love silently, the only accompaniment the rustling of sheets and the gentle sigh of their hot breath. Sometimes Kyley was tempted to speak but looking in her lovers soft wet eyes she felt satisfied in their wide, loving answers.

The barrier fell because of greed, lust for power and hubris. When the dark rushed in, Kyley ran towards her lover, who was futilely trying to press back hell. Debic was already bleeding when she reached his side. Together, they tried to erect a shield between them, but the power was lost and eventually Debic collapsed in her arms. Drops of blood were running from the corner of his mouth, and she pulled him toward her bosom as the storm rushed around them. He held her waist limply, chin on her shoulder.
“It’s beautiful,” he whispered “Through you, I see God.”

Debics head lolled back and Keyleys’ scream was lost in the rush of wind and crackling fire.

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