July 27th, 2004



Aurora was cleaning between the railings of the banisters when the front door opened, pouring summer sun into the darkened hall. Looking up, she expected to see her supervisor and was surprised when councilor Solidad walked through the door. This was one of three homes Solidad owned, and in the six times she had dusted his woodwork, this was the first time she had ever seen him. She knew the councilor by description only; tall, silver haired and classically dressed. He was followed by his dark haired secretary, who was unsteadily clutching several bags. She stopped her work to watch them, certain that this may be the last time she see him in person.

“Sir, we can’t say long, the reception begins soon and we must prepare.” Solidad waved a gloved hand, cutting him off.

“It will keep Erigo." Then he looked directly at Aurora, his sudden gaze rocking her on her knees. Solidads' eyes were bright, swirling purple, like colored candles gleaming on his smooth pale face. Her cheeks flushed, hot and quick. In that silent, streching moment he gave her a small close lipped smile. Aurora looked away, holding her breath her pounding heart throbbing in her temples.

Yvetes' words had been clear; if a client chose to feed on you, you were to inform them that is was against policy, but not to resist. Resistance could result in termination. Afterwards, you were to notify your supervisor, and your supervisor would decide on the proper course of action. You would not be reimbursed for lost time or damages.

“Erigo, fetch me the data chips from the library. I’ll be in my study.”

Aurora bent over her work, concentrating on the banister with a false intensity. She didn’t look up again until she heard the door close.