July 20th, 2004



Kyann opened his eyes and sat up. Nausea pummeled his stomach and he flopped back to his pillow, rolling to his side in case he vomited. The crook of his elbow was throbbing and the only thing he could see was a yellow sliver of light. He concentrated on breathing, inflating his stomach with air, using an old technique to calm his nausea. Kyann closed his eyes and concentrated. Gina had taken a lot of blood, enough to make him feel ill. He would need a few days, if not a week, to recover to the point where he could safely do it again. She wouldn’t wait that long, not off the medication.

He woke up with no memory of having had fallen asleep again.

Carefully, Kyann crawled onto the floor, slowly pulling up to his knees.


He moaned. It was starkly bright, little pink and green dots splashed in his vision. He closed his eyes and leaned against the bed, a pale orange glow penitrating through his eyelids. In the wall there was an emergency aid unit, and it could give him a small transfusion, some liquids, maybe a stimulant. He pulled it out and strapped it to his arm. He felt a tingle, like alcohol evaporating on his skin. Everything appeared very bright and clear, the details of the floor and the wall crisp in contrast to his body’s pain. He could see liquid being pumped into him through clear plastic tubes. He slumped against the wall and fell asleep.

He didn’t even feel pain, that night, when Gina tore off a piece of skin from his thigh and chewed it in her gaping maw. Bile slipped up into his mouth, tasting of old meat.

“Israyels in trouble.” She growled and he noticed a bit pale skin stuck between the rows her teeth. “We need to go save him.”

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