June 14th, 2004



She is on a holy quest that revolves around one man.

The General was not born on her world, he is a product of a breeding designed to create a military genius. The Empire that made him kept him in slavery, and when he finally managed to escape he used his sharp mind against his creators. He came to her world with nothing, but within a few short years, he was the military leader of her people, had lead them in conquest, and kept them safe from harm.

The Empires of the United Worlds would be happy to offer him more wealth and power than her people could ever hope to provide. It is her duty to attach him to the world of her birth, to make him love his life so well that betrayal would be impossible.

She works with forty-seven highly trained women, and she is the first among them. She is not the tallest or the shortest, the doctor or the priest, but her mind is sharp and tuned to his needs. She reads a thousand messages in his yawn.

He does not know she is the women’s leader, he labors under the impression that he is the director of their fates. As brilliant as his mind is, these women have chained him to them with their comforts.

Coming home to them is why he can never leave.

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