April 30th, 2004


Dr. Destructo!

Let the world shake and tremble at the sight of Dr. Destructo!

Machiavellian schemes, Byzantine plots and the twisted use of science to further his own dastardly ends, Dr. Destructo furthers his goal of world domination.

Who is the only one who can stand in his way?

Dash Dalton!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the only man between us and the terrible might of Dr. Destructo is Dash Dalton, Ladies Man, Mans Man, Man About Town, Big City Boy with Old Worlde Values.

Before Mistress Manslave, before the Dragon of Abinar, and even before the Nazis, Dr. Destructo and Dash Dalton have been locked in a bitter rivalry –not just for the fate of the world, but for the attentions of Gracie Violet, intrepid reporter and expert race-car driver. (Yet to be pictured)

Dr. Destructo has an army of robots, a volcanic lair and a shrink-ray. He comes from eastern European nobility and was trained by evil ninjas. Some say he has been in commerce with the devil himself, building Lucifer a mighty robot to fight the host of heaven!

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