April 5th, 2004


Dream Space

Her interference in the early 21st century would have (and had) ruined his development, despite her advancement of his career from her dalliances with writers and directors (and in one case, a short order cook) of the underground media theater movement, she was, ultimately, what kept him from reaching his goals.

I pity her, because I know she was only trying to keep him healthy and alive, but it would have been better if he were consumed with his passion. Her name is a curse now, meaning “misguided and bright”, and so we renamed her Lena, which is the name of his first digital bird, the one that burned when the servers of the Valley were bombed by hydrogen atom ruminates in the revolution of the Fall.

I am her midwife, a time necromancer, and in alternate realities; a childhood friend, a high school acquaintance, a lover of many years, a co-author, but here and now, the best of outcomes, a midwife, guiding her into the new world. Inadvertently, pieces of her fate slip though to her old life, enclosed in letters, receipts, synth music, dreams, on the tags of clothing and the inside of dog collars. We cannot help these things, these breakages in the stream; we can only hope that she regards them as anomalies, or creative hallucinations.

The keyboard was the first step, and it was, after its creation, in which she played a minor role, when we decided to take her to our time. We do not kill. If he had taught us anything, it was that killing causes detriment to the mind-space, which we hold as near to sacred as any of the past religions professed to understand.

Besides, he missed her, and after her death, caused by a blood clot behind piroshki (which will now not occur until after his own expiration) his work became both brilliant and disconnected. We hope that controlled exposure will bring the Savior to new depths and heights. There is also the matter of a deserved retirement, for which he should have a blood relation to care for him. This is not the first time that we have interfered with the stream of time to better the consciousness of the future, but narrowing down the mistakes and possibilities, we believe that we have finally found the correct time and position for the maximum benefit to the stream.

The Savior of the World and the placement of his errant sister are the weights on which we balance our deterministic fate. It is the movement of language, the placement of heaven, earth and man like an arrangement of flowers, her brother in the center, she, leaning to the left, and we to the right, revolving around them like moons.

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