March 30th, 2004


A Part of the Team

I was disappointed to learn that I was right. They were all bastards.

A fucking mask, covering half my face. "Publicity" they whined, "Image" they demanded.

"Screw you." I screamed "I was already burned once, I'm not going to hide myself under a mask."

“But - you can still be a part of the team.”

Still. "Still" means that I can't if I don't, and that if I refused, I would be kicked out. So I quit. Fuck them and their public image.

I wonder if the others realize they were hired for their faces, their tight little asses and swinging breasts.

I thought we were here to save the world, not because we look hot in latex.

Losing them was like cutting a barbed wire necklace off my throat, it had been so pretty, but in the end, it was bad for me.

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