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The Podcasters Supper

Podcasters Supper

From Left To Right: Paul Fischer, of the ADDCast and the Balticon podcast, Me, Martha Holloway, of the ADDCast and the Balticon podcast, Heather Welliver of Geek Life, Thomas Gideon of the Command Line podast, Steve Wilson, of Prometheus Radio Theatre, Tee Morris, of Morevi: Remastered and the Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy, Jared Axelrod of the Voice of Free Planet X and Aliens You Will Meet, Sci-Fi Laura, rocket scientist, John Cmar, Doctor of Infectious diseases and Marc Bailey of Geek Life.

This weekend, I was invited to Farpoint to talk about podcasting, new media and to read a bit of my new work. I read a little of the feminist lovecraftian fiction I've been working on, to a really encouraging response.

The best part of Farpoint was, by far, the people. I love my friends, my talented, compassionate, wonderful tribe.

Jared Axelrod Sets Up
Why is Tee Morris crying? I have no idea either. I'm just glad CMARRR is there to comfort him.

Jared Axelrod Poses Podcasters
Jared Axelrod tries to remember his art classes.

Jared Axelrod Poses Podcasters
Martha demonstrates how to point and Jared Axelrod moves Tee Morris into position.

The "O" Face

Everyone except me was saying some word in unison but I can't for the life of me remember what the word was. When I get into picture taking mode, I get a little tunnel-vision.
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