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Jared Axelrod, my beautiful husband-to-be, has recorded an interview with me on his podcast. We talk about the upcoming What The Hell Con, college, the yachting club. I've been invited to speak at my old alma matter (they are even paying for me to come down there) at the convention of the club I started oh, so many years ago. I'm very excited.

Not only is this a great interview because it provides a little insight into my college life, but it's a little insight into the way Jared and I interact with each other. This conversation is a window into the way Jared and I interact with each other, which seems to be witty commentary and my wild giggling fits. This is how we talk to each other - a back and forth conversation punctuated with laughter.

Download here

Information about What-The-Hell-Con can be found at www.guilford.edu/yachting/wthcon

The Voice of Free Planet X theme was written and performed by Russel Collins of www.clockworkaudio.net

These are my pictures for the last few days. Enjoy!

Day Eighty Eight: Step Down

Day Eighty Eight: Step Down
Photo: Available

Day Eighty Seven: Life On Other Planets
Day Eighty Seven: Life On Other Planets
Photo: Available

Day Eight Six: Test Me
Day Eighty Six: Test Me
Photo: Available

Day Eighty Five: Shake
Day 85: Shake
Photo: Available

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