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Day Fifty Nine: Snow White, Rose Red

Day Fifty Nine: Snow White, Rose Red

A poor widow once lived in a little cottage with a garden in front of it, in which grew two rose trees, one bearing white roses and the other red. She had two children, who were just like the two rose trees; one was called Snow-white and the other Rose-red, and they were the sweetest and best children in the world, always diligent and always cheerful; but Snow-white was quieter and more gentle than Rose-red.

-The Brothers Grimm

Jennifer Rodgers came over and we had a studio work day. She drew and I wrote and when both of us had done just about all we could do, we took pictures. It was a good day.

Print: Available

I’m doing the 365 Days project ( a project done by hundreds of people all over the world) taking a self portrait every day for a year. I am selling the photos I’m taking each day.

The deal? The print costs whatever day I’m on. Day One is a Dollar. Day Five? Five Dollars. Day 211? Two hundred and eleven dollars. I’ll only be selling one of each photo so when you get one, you’ll have the only one. (I reserve the right to make a book all of them later, but there will only be one print, and it will be yours.)

This print will be sized 8 x 12. Shipping is free in the US. If you are outside the US, contact me and we'll figure out the shipping price. Payment is via paypal. If you want a print but can’t do paypal, contact me and we’ll work something out.
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