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Day Fifty Four: Black

Day Fifty Four: Black

Day Three of my Color Study: Black

Because of a fuck-up on the part of the airline, Jared and I ended up stranded in North Carolina for one night over the winter holiday. It would have been awful except that our good friends, Jason and Ryn, saved the day. Jason picked us up at the airport, we went out to dinner and we spent the night chatting and drinking wine with friends.

The recording of our part of our chat can be heard on Jason's marvelous podcast, Random Signal, here: http://www.randomsignal.com/index.php?post_id=290609

We discuss Violet Blue, Wolverine, The Justice League Christmas special, Classic Greek Mythology, NPR and the true meaning of Empire Day.

Jason and Ryn turned a miserable day into a magical one. I cannot thank them enough. We have the most beautiful friends. They shine.

Photo: Available

I’m doing the 365 Days project ( a project done by hundreds of people all over the world) taking a self portrait every day for a year. I am selling the photos I’m taking each day.

The deal? The print costs whatever day I’m on. Day One is a Dollar. Day Five? Five Dollars. Day 211? Two hundred and eleven dollars. I’ll only be selling one of each photo so when you get one, you’ll have the only one. (I reserve the right to make a book all of them later, but there will only be one print, and it will be yours.)

This print will be sized 8 x 12. Shipping is free in the US. If you are outside the US, contact me and we'll figure out the shipping price. Payment is via paypal. If you want a print but can’t do paypal, contact me and we’ll work something out.
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