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Day Forty: Out

Day Forty: Out

Photo: Available

Yesterday my friend Nobilis (http://www.freewebs.com/nobiliserotica/)sent me a message to tell me that I am one of the runners up for Violet Blue’s (award-winning author, blogger) Top Ten Geeks of 2007.


Nobilis, who is a writer and podcaster in his own right, had nominated me. It just reminded me how much I feel loved and supported by the good people around me. I feel so lucky to know the people in my life right now.

My 365days project has been going very well. Of the 40 photos I've taken 28 have sold. More than that, I feel like I've been learning and pushing myself every day. I’ve gotten so much support and encouragement for this project from so many friends that I adore and so many artists that I respect.

These past few months have been some of the best of my entire life. There are so many people who have made it this way, Mom and Dad and John who have really been very supportive of me taking a jump into doing photography and writing full time, and all of my wonderful friends.

Thank you Jack (inspiration), Katie (muse), Mur (my podsister), Pat (for the genius), J.C., Tee, Mena (thank you so much for talking to me and being my wisewoman), Jessica M (for the positive energy), Nobilis, Earl, Daniel, Dan, Brendan (for always being the person who says yes), Simone, Josie (for pointing out the obvious when I need to hear it), Scott, Matt, Sohma, Skott (freaks rule!), Jarrod, Paul, Derek, Talisha (congratulations on finishing school!), Chris, Russell, Jenn (for all the advice about freelancing and making me feel included and loved), Christy, Donald, Darren, Rahel, Bradley, David, Susan, Andrea (the hair advice was invaluable!), Kathleen, Annie, Devin, Stephen, Steven, Paul and Martha (thank you for saying such nice things, it lifted me up), Holly, Candy (my new beautiful boss), the entire Tribe (I love you! Lets all move in together!) and to Jared, my partner in all things, Thank You.

Below the cut are links to the photos that have yet to be sold. Feel free to browse. The cheapest is 15$ and the most expensive is 39$.

Curicon 39$
Day Thirty Nine: Curicon

The Reverse Bird 38$
Day Thirty Eight: The Reverse Bird

Point and Shoot 37$
Day Thirty Seven: Point and Shoot

The Private War 35$
Day Thirty Five: The Private War

After 34$
Day Thirty Four: After

Mint 32$
Day Thirty Two: Mint

Night at the Barbary: 30$
Day Thirty: Night At The Barbary

Minnie 26$

Two Brothers 25$
Day Twenty Five: Two Brothers

Irish Christmas Pirate 21$
Day Twenty One: The Irish Christmas Pirate

Morning After 15$
Morning After
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