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Book Me For A Photoshoot

Whenever someone friends me on a social network, I go check out their page to see who they are. Most of the time, these people have awful photos of themselves on their site. These are photos where we can see nose hairs, neck fat, red eye, flash flare. Or they represent themselves with a picture of a cartoon or a photo of a celebrity. When I see this, I feel as if some giant hand is pushing me towards action.

I can help. I want to be the internet’s photographer.

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have some kind of internet presence – a livejournal, a myspace page, facebook, whatever. It’s becoming more and more likely that you will meet people using social networks. For a lot of people your icon, or the photos of you on your site will be their first impression of you. Some people will never meet you in person. Why not make your first and only impression a good one?

Lots of people bad photos of themselves on the internet. Some of these people own internet companies, sell-stuff online, or are promoting themselves using social networking. If you’re are using the internet for promotion, dating sites, or just keeping up with friends, it’s helpful to have photo that expresses your personality and shows you at your best.

Embarrassed with the way you look in photographs? Think it would be impossible to get a good one? I understand the feeling. I was embarrassed with the way I looked in photographs before I started taking them myself. In every single family photo, in every snapshot, I looked awful. Then I picked up the camera myself. I learned how to make myself, and other people, look great on camera. It can be done. Now I’ve helped lots of people to like the way they look. Quite a few people who’ve modeled for me say that they’ve never liked themselves in pictures before.

I’m opening for business in January 2008, with the new year. I’ll be available nights and weekends and weekdays if you can book me more than two weeks in advance.

The whole shoot only costs you 90 dollars. That’s a consultation on your photos, what you want and what will work for you, three hours of shoot time, and a CD burned with your photos at a size large enough to make big prints out of. You will get to use my awesome collection of accessories and props for the shoot. 10$ extra gets you full makeup, done by me or one of my awesome makeup artists.

At the end of this, you won’t be walking away with just good photos, you’ll have the experience of posing in front of a camera, a better idea of what makes you look good, and a fun experience!

If you are in the Philadelphia area, you can come to my studio. I travel to New York, Baltimore, the North Carolina triangle area and Atlanta and I’m happy to take bookings there if you can provide a space or don’t mind shooting outside.

You can contact me via e-mail at jrblackwell at gmail dot com.


Here is a selection of portraits I've taken of various people. As you may notice, I love doing everything from conventional portraits to casual to fantasy/drama. I am open and friendly to work with all kinds of people, men, women, children, transgendered people, people of color, gay couples, straight couples, poly-groups, geeks and freaks. I'm happy to discuss your needs and ideas with you.

My portraits have been used for headshots, CD covers, book covers, newssites, myspace pages, internet dating sites and icons. Model references can be provided on request.

You can book me for a shoot by e-mailing me at jrblackwell at gmail dot com.
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