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Day Nineteen: Safe

Day Nineteen: Safe

Yesterday was feet, today we have a hand. And some handcuffs, scrounged from the freak-show chest. Yes, we have a chest in our house that contains freak show materials. I should really make a list of the things in it.

Just off the top of my head:
Handcuffs (Black)
Rope (Blue)
A chipped ceramic cup
Assorted Juggling Balls
A length of heavy chain
Disposable latex gloves
Thin white rope
A metal goblet
A wooden goblet from Africa
Two Kazoos

Edit: This list reminds me that I need to put the individualy sealed medical needles back into the box. I just keep forgetting. . .

Print: SOLD!

Here’s the Deal: I’m doing the 365 Days project and I need some cash. So I’ll be selling the photos I’m taking each day. The deal? The print costs whatever day I’m on. Day One is a Dollar. Day Five? Five Dollars. Day 211? Two hundred and eleven dollars. I’ll only be selling one of each individual prints so when you get one, you’ll have the only one. (I reserve the right to make a book all of them later, but there will only be one print, and it will be yours.)

Prints will be 8x12. Shipping in the US is $4.95. If you’re international, contact me and we’ll talk about shipping prices.

Payment is via paypal. If you want a print but can’t do paypal, contact me and we’ll work something out.
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