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Color Study One: RED

Something Ancient In The Shape Of Your Curved Back

Jennifer Rodgers and I met because one night about eight years ago I happened to be engaged in an activity that many frown upon. I was doing this activity with several other friends on a small terrace outside the student center in college. A young man in a long dark coat walked by and saw us, and, recognizing what we were up to, introduced himself.

He wanted in.

We let him in and not just because he was startlingly handsome, or because of his long dark coat or his long hair and beard. We let him in because I think we recognized something in him that was in us.

But anyway.

Fast forward. This young man introduces me to a book which introduces me to a writer whose work I fall in love with. There's more to this, much more, but I'm going to skip it.

Fast forward. The writer has a message board where I put up something asking for models. I get several replies, mostly from people who live on the west coast. However, I also get a reply from someone who lives a half hour away. Someone beautiful and talented and sharp as a scalpel. She agrees to pose for me and we agree to meet but when we finally do, it’s not to take pictures. We hang out several times, no photoshoot but lots of fun and long talks. I tell her secrets and she lets me smell her potions that she keeps in little boxes above a shelf of books. Tipsy, I take her upstairs while her husband and my boyfriend play video games and I pull her close and teach her my favorite way of falling.

When I told her that I wasn’t feeling confident about my use of color, she suggested doing color studies, paint photos in entirely one color, as much as possible. Since I’m now in charge of my own education, this seems like an excellent assignment.

Here are the results of RED. If you’re interested in signing up for a time and color, let me know.


Here is where you can find Jennifer Rodgers on the web:




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