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Selections From the Dream Kings Library, Part 8

Her name is big like that because she is a best-seller and the publisher really wants to move these books.

This cover didn't come out exactly like I wanted, but it came close. I'm not sure whose cover I'll do next. Gray and Gold, maybe, if I can come up with a good picture for it. Maybe the roadtrip story. . .

I am creating covers for books that will never be written. I was inspired by the concept of a Library of unwritten books. This is the seventh book cover in what currently looks like a 19-part series.

If you want a cover for your book, please tell me here:
Library of the Dream King

Practice Drowning by zenostortoise

I am writing a book about a man who takes care of messenger pigeons and is slowly losing his memory. He's on a mad search to get it back, in which he encounters an ageless child born in the subways, a delirious old woman devoured by the Forgetting, the seventeen-year-old son of the only person he's ever cared about, a neurologist-turned-prophet who seems to know everything about him, the boss of an organized crime syndicate, and the boss's son who has inexplicably vanished.

In this world, memories are devoured by the island and spit up as chalk graffiti on walls and avenues, never written by human hands. They wash down the gutters at every harsh rain, and soak into the people who live in the tunnels.

I have been writing this for a year, though I do not often speak of it. I will probably never finish it. I call it Practice Drowning.


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