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Selections From the Dream Kings Library, Part 6

I am creating the covers, by request, for a selection of books.
These books exist, written and unwritten, half written, as thoughts and whims.
I was inspired by the concept of a Library of unwritten books.

If you want a cover for your book, please tell me here:
Library of the Dream King

Nandeva: by Blindlyinnocent

Book Description from blindlyinnocent

This is a novel I started last November but becuas eof stress never finished. It's called Nandeva and it's about fate and underground dieties set in a Brazilian city. The city is run by the Nandeva which are "devils" which are some other species of being that never sleep, and North America has the Los Angeles residing in San Diego who have effectively taken over the country & have converted it to communism. The "angels" are trying to oust the "devils" fromt he world politically and monetarily, and are trying to convert the entire world to their way of righteousness. Our main character, Oe, must stop the war with the aid of an underground diety who has been sleeping who wakes by being gestated and birthed in a day by one of his friends, and a capoiera master who is also an oracle.

I haven't forgotten about this.
Tomorrow: Appearance: Chamelia by deathtosmurfs, under the penname Sam Weiss.
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